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Precast Concrete Wind Turbine Foundations-Cell Blocks


Cell Block™ modular foundation systems—developed by Cell Blocks, Inc,. and Oldcastle Precast, Inc., for small and community wind turbines—are a precast post tensioned block system that can be assembled in a variety of configurations on site with minimal site preparation. They are designed to meet stringent manufacturing specifications for quality control and mix consistency. Cell Block modular foundation systems offer several key benefits not found in the other turbine foundation methods. One such benefit is scalability, which means the foundation can be enlarged or added onto in order to accommodate additional assets such as control buildings or shelters without interrupting the use of the turbine system. Another key benefit is that it can easily be delivered and installed with-in the same day without requiring the labor, prolonged site prep, forming, and dry time associated with other methods such as poured in place.

Cell Block modular foundation systems can also be decommissioned and reused in a different location. The post-tensioned method of connection allows the blocks to be disconnected from each other and relocated or repurposed in the event that the wind turbines they support are moved or decommissioned. This results in a tremendous environmental advantage over poured in place concrete foundations, which either require a labor-intensive effort to break up and remove the buried concrete or, more likely, leaving the concrete in place long after the turbines have been removed.